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For those interested in Google Cardboard I have a recommendation to save a little cash on the lenses. They recommend the Durovis OpenDive Lens Kit which currently costs $9.99 + $4.51 shipping and isn’t eligible for free Amazon Prime shipping. I was able to get good lenses by pulling apart a Hasbro MY3D Viewer instead. It’s currently only $7.74 on Amazon and is eligible for Prime.

To get the lenses you just need a small phillips screwdriver. On the inner section, opposite the flap where the smartphone is placed, there are four small rubber nubs you can easily pull up. Under each one is a small screw. After those are done the inner section easily slides out and you can access two more screws on each of the lenses.

The device itself won’t work for viewing most VR applications due to the offset of the screen separator inside the case, though if you chopped that out and slide it back to the center of the inner cavity it should work fine.

Fixed my last big bug with the map generation system last night. Everything appears to be working correctly now. I started doing some placeholders on graph paper and then resized them in Photoshop to get some assets I needed in. Now I’m working on a way to save down generated map chunks as new Texture2D objects so I can reduce the sprite count for the map regions. They’re currently generated into a 16x16 grid of 64x64 pixel tiles but that leaves me with 256 tiles per map region, but this new setup should reduce that to a single texture by saving down the chunks as they generate.

Jun 5

Reworked map generation on a side project the other night. Everything was looking pretty good until it started crashing Unity3D every time I tried to run the game. I’m assuming level chunks are somehow bypassing the map size limit because when I was stepping through the code with a debugger everything seemed to be working correctly but as soon as I continued past my breakpoints it would crash. Looks like that will probably be my goal for this weekend. I’m hoping to get some art for it soon too so it’s not just ugly programmer placeholder graphics.

I’ve been making pretty regular progress on my side project. Got a lot of formulas put together for figuring out a player’s level, experience, and attribute values. Working on getting a battle simulator running now so I can use it for balancing purposes.

Work’s been going good except SourceTree hates me and likes to randomly inform me that it can’t read my remote repository and the only way I can fix it is by restarting SourceTree, or in some cases my entire computer. I’m guessing I might need to reinstall it but I need to make sure I don’t lose my local branches…

May 7

Got a lot of the backend systems running much smoother, I think my next biggest task with this side project is to get Spriter animations running smoothly with the new native 2D sprites in Unity…

May 1

I got some simple level generation stuff done last night and eventually got it working with online matches as well. At first I was having an issue with how I’d send the map file to the other players but because of the random generation I’m just passing the seed for the random number generator and letting the clients build the map on their own. I’m happy with my progress so far but I think I’m going to take a day to rewrite a bit of my GameManager class. I feel like it was a little rushed and could be optimized better.

I also got a placeholder inventory screen into the build yesterday as well as the start of a GUI system. I’m going over the game a bit with a friend this weekend to discuss art style and my brother is helping me a bit with some of the RPG mechanics so hopefully I can get this to a stage where I’m comfortable sharing more information on it shortly.

Got some more development done on my side project last night. I got the camera smoothly following the correct player and did some work on an inventory system. I was hoping to get to working on the tilemaps for level generation but the camera functions ended up taking me longer than I expected and I rewrote a bit of the networking code as well.

I’m loving being back to developing under Windows 7. I moved from MonoGame over to Unity3D after having a couple issues with my networking code. I haven’t messed around much with Unity3D’s new native 2D support but I ran through a tutorial for it the other day and yesterday I successfully tested the online multiplayer I was working on with my brother and a friend. So far all it really looks like is a couple boxes moving around on the screen but at least I have the base functionality in and working. Hopefully I’ll get some art soon and I can start posting some progress screenshots.

7 > 8

Finally went ahead and uninstalled Windows 8 from my development PC and reverted back to Windows 7. Best decision ever. I was trying to write a 2D framework for some game development using MonoGame and ran into multiple issues when trying to port some old code over to my new project. So after months of frustration of Windows 8 I decided to make the switch back. I really hope the next version of Windows has a more professional development environment because working with their crappy tablet layout was driving me crazy. </rant>

It’s been fairly hectic at work the past few weeks. One of my employees gave me their two week notice right before my Christmas vacation so I started the New Year out down an engineer. I’ve been picking up the slack until we get someone else hired in. I’ve got a temp employee still though helping me out so at least it’s not an entire second position I have to cover for. As a result my side project time has been cut into a bit but I’m still working on the project I posted about in November and December of last year.